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 Carnival Glass:
Fenton, Northwood & More
Carnival Glass

The commercial development of pressed glass with an iridized surface in the United States began in the early 1900’s, although some experimental pieces date a little earlier.
Iridized art glass has been found going back thousands of years, created by chance (originally) by being buried in ground containing certain chemicals.

You will find some of the earliest patterns - such as Peacock Tail, Ribbon Tie, Thistle - available here.

All of the items were made in the early 1900’s. Fenton was the first to produce it in quantity (1908). The Fenton and most old Imperial glass is not marked; only 40-50% of Northwood is marked N. I will be certain that those are notated is the description. All the pieces are in mint to excellent, if there is a flaw or chip or cracks I will note them. Bubbles (that are not too close to the edge or straw marks or heat (stress) marks generally do not affect the value).

There is additional information on Carnival Glass and the manufacturer's featured here at the bottom of the page. You will find more interesting information on Carnival Glass
on David Doty’s Carnival Glass Website:

Fenton Orange Tree Golden Marigold Bowl

This Fenton bowl is beautiful! Created in an Orange Tree design its colors range from rich orange, marigold iridescence, with reds, gold, and blue hues. It is in fantastic condition with no chips, cracks, or repairs.

It measures 10” x 5.5” and stands on 3 legs with scroll feet. The Orange Tree is both an interior and exterior pattern. A perfect holiday piece! (Acquired 1967)


Fenton Dragon & Lotus Bowl Bronze Marigold
Frank L. Fenton arose from his fascination of “things oriental”. Certainly the wide range of color within the pattern contribute to it overall acceptance. It graceful, well balanced and beautiful pattern, with the oriental them adding an element of mystique and charm. ( acquired 1967)

The panels of Dragons and Lotus blossom combined with a central pattern of peacock feathers and blossoms. It is 8.75” diameter and is 2.5” deep, bronze marigold in color with green, blue, and gold hues. It has ruffled sawtooth edges and crisp, sharp detail, typical Fenton.

It is in great condition with no chips, cracks, or repairs.

1106                         $95

Fenton Dragon & Lotus Bowl Marigold

This is the second Dragon and Lotus bowl which is lighter marigold in color and has red, gold, and green iridescence hues. It is 8.75” in diameter and 2.5” deep. It is the same pattern as #1106 but is lighter in color, being more golden. A lovely color and very crisp, sharp detail. (Acquired 1967)

It is in good condition with no chips, cracks, or repairs.


Fenton Peacock & Grape Bowl Marigold

This is an incredible 8.5” diameter bowl (3” deep) with beautiful ruffle edges, a Peacock and Grape interior and the Beaded Berry exterior. The interior has a full bunch of grapes with two leaves and the upper body of a peacock alternating. The exterior is covered with berries (raspberry?) so it is beautiful inside and outside
 (Acquired 1967).

It is in good condition with no chips, cracks, or repairs.

2                              $90

Fenton Stag & Holly Amber Marigold

This is a beautiful design, well balanced and crisp in its execution. The iridescence is superb! The stag has its tongue out as if to taste the holly. The diameter is 7.5” and overall height is 4” and it rests on three spatula feet. The edge is classic Fenton ruffles. It is in good condition with no chips, cracks, or repairs, except one foot has a small nip on the tip. (Acquired in 1967)

This would fit right in for the holidays!


Fenton Peacock Tail Bowl Marigold

This beautiful Peacock Tail bowl has colors the peacock would be proud to possess. Super iridescence. It is 7” wide and 2” depth and rests on a flat base collar. The edge is finished in the typical ruffles.

It is in good condition with no chips, cracks, or repairs.

(Acquired in 1967)


Northwood Compote Marigold
Interior – Fern Exterior- Daisy & Plume

This 4.75” high compote is finished in the pattern called “Fern” in the interior and “ Daisy & Plume” on the exterior.

Made by Northwood it is marked with the N accordingly.

It has a 5.75 “ diameter and 2” depth.

1123                           $95


Northwood Basketweave Bowl-Marigold
Reverse amberina

It is in good condition with no chips, cracks, or repairs.
Lacy top 5” x 2.75” square dish with ruffles


Fenton- Ribbon Tie Bowl

This Fenton pattern dates from 1911 and is sometimes called “Comet”. The swirls have above average iridescence and gleam with all the colors of the rainbow.

The bowl is 8.25” in diameter and 2” in height, and is topped by three-in-one edge. The exterior is smooth and shiny with excellent iridescence. The color!

One dealer calls amethyst and the other calls blue. I can see why they called it what they did, I truly don’t know. You can decide. It is in good condition with no chips, cracks, or repairs.

1151              $180

Rose Bowl – Fine Cut and Roses with Fancy interior

This magnificent Northwood rose bowl is Marigold Carnival Glass ( appeared in 1909 ) and stands 4.5” tall on three feet. The triangle star is present on the base. The exterior has three separate roses depicted with diamonds interposed, Fine Cut and Roses pattern. The interior has the “Fancy” pattern that is difficult to photograph but it balanced, attractive, and interesting. It has a blossom in the center, cross-stitching, circle of files, scrolling, and leaflets.

There is a tiny flake on edge of one foot. (acquired 1967 )

$125      SOLD


Dugan (Deep Marigold) Beaded Basket

This two-handled basket was made at Indiana, after the Dugan departed. Its diamond pattern is well known is the two-handled basket shape. It production was 1914 until 1928, perhaps longer.

It is 5” in height and 5” wide. It is in good condition with no chips, cracks, or repairs.
(Acquired 1967 )

1127                  $80

Northwood (Marigold) Feathers Vase

This marigold vase is done in the Feathers pattern. It measures 3.5” wide at the base and is 7” tall. It is marked with the Northwood “N” on the base.

The iridescence is above average, but is increased at the ruffles edge. There is an included bubble in the base.

1450                           $85

Northwood double grip plate- Fruits and Flowers

This Northwood double grip plate is Marigold Fruits and Flowers, which is sometimes confused with their Three Fruits pattern. The fruits are pears, cherries, and apples in between them are small flowers. The exterior back is done in basketweave. The plate is 8” and the saw tooth edge is perfect.

The double grip is difficult to find. The iridescence is superior. (Acquired 1967)


Marigold Imperial Grape Water Carafe

This lovely water carafe has lost its stopper, but it still beautiful to look at.

5103                             $115


Fenton - Stippled Rays - Amethyst Bowl

This simple but elegant 7.25” bowl has a strong iridescence stemming from the amethyst center. Its ruffled edges are typically Fenton’s.

It has a smooth exterior, a flat base and stands 2.5” deep.


Amethyst Bowl – Fenton Autumn Acorn

This beautiful bowl reminds you of autumn and the glorious reds and gold of the leaves. The bowl measures 8” in diameter and is 2.25” high. It has a flat base and the exterior has 12 smooth fans ended with a modified bracket edge.

This is similar to Fenton’s Acorn but the oak leaf is replaced with a grape leaf in the center. This iridescence is above average. (Acquired in 1967) dictionary

1305                  $155


Fenton Bowl – Very Early Grape & Cable

This beautiful bowl is identified as a Fenton circa 1899-1904. It is an unusual shade of deep amethyst bordering on reddish brown. It stands 3.75” high and 8” in diameter on three scroll legs. The top has saw tooth ruffles ( 9 in all) but the ruffles are not even, which leans toward an early model before actual production began.

The iridescent is super! When look down into the bottom of the bowl the grapes reflect red while the background is blue, green, violet and red. There to be a notation on the bottom and appears to be “5 3”. (acquired 1967).

An independent appraiser has identified it as an early Fenton called 'iridill'. It was made before the term “carnival glass” was known. The color could be smoke.

1533                     $225


Northwood Compote – Raspberry and Basket Weave Amethyst

This compote by Northwood and marked N is amethyst in color and stands 7.25” high with a 5.75” diameter. There are two patterns; an interior (Raspberry) and the exterior (Basket Weave). The two patterns are crisp and nicely done. The top is done in six ruffles. The iridescent hues include red, purple, gold and blue, iridescent is high average to super. (acquired 1967). These two patterns were made in the earlier years when the Northwood plant was at Wheeling.


Imperial Grape (purple) Berry Bowl with 5 sauces

This set of an Imperial 8.75”diameter Berry Bowl with five sauces ( 4.5” diameter x 2’5” deep) to match is a find!

Done in iridescence incredible purple, the grapes tend to have their own luster. The interior is iridescence shades of green and blue. The sauces have an identical pattern inside and outer surfaces.


Northwood Compote – Fern and Daisy and Plume

This compote by Northwood and marked N is amethyst in color and stands 4.75” high with a 5.75” diameter. There are two patterns; an interior ( Fern ) and the exterior (Daisy and Plume). The two patterns are crisp and nicely done. The top is done in six ruffles. The iridescent hues include red, purple, gold and blue. (acquired 1967).


Imperial Broken Arches
Punch Bowl, pedestal and four  (4) cups

Deep amethyst - Broken Arches silver & gold

This magnificent punch bowl and pedestal by Imperial Glass is accompanied by four punch cups. The bowl is 11.5” x 11.5” in diameter and sits on a 5.5” base. It is in the Broken Arches pattern (exterior) and the interior is gold with bars and rings. (Acquired in 1960)

This is in mint condition, the total iridescence is exactly outside and inside as the piece was when made. No damage on the outside or inside -nor is there loss anywhere of iridescence, nor manufacturing flaws observed.

This is perfect for the holidays!



Dark Blue Bowl – Fenton - Two Flowers

This bowl is the Two Flowers pattern by Fenton in dark blue.
The flowers differing from each other by their leaves and the number if petals (5 vs 6). It measures 7.5” in diameter, 3.5” in height and has three spatulate feet. The top is done in even scallops (60 in all) .

The pattern uses several fillers including scale band, water planets, and leaves.

The edges of the bowl in the right light and blue as are the flowers in the base. The deep blue tends to mask the iridescent, but there are red, gold and blue hues. (Acquired 1967). If you like blue, this is a bowl for you.

1102                                     $260

Dugan-Diamond Clear Compote

This 7.5” high, two handle, pedestal bonbon dish is slightly different from the colored carnival glass. It is like looking into a crystal ball, the colors are rainbow hues. This is difficult to show this photographically.

There are two patterns on this piece; interior pattern is Puzzle and the exterior is Floral and Wheat. The piece is in excellent condition except for two tiny chips on the base.

1134                                 $130

Imperial (Purple) oval dish - Pansy

This magnificent dish is an oval, 8.25” long by 5.75” diameter, and 2” deep. The pattern is Imperial Pansy and the bowl has a characteristic of the lustrous finish of outstanding iridized glass; blue, green, and gold with purple. The color is very deep amethyst to purple. The exterior is a diamond pattern which is alternating smooth and diamonds separated by beads.

The mould work is superior and is enhanced by a gold finish.

There are three full bloom pansies plus four other blooms. The sides are criss-crossed in a diamond pattern and the top is smooth scallops. (Acquired in 1971) It is too lovely to put away.

4123                       $400    SOLD

Fenton Autumn Acorn bowl 8” 
This is another Fenton Autumn Acorn bowl but this time done in green. Measuring 8” in diameter and 2.5” in height it has a flat base. The center is a grape leaf and the sides appear with greenish gold leaves and deep colored acorns. The iridescence is brilliant, with purple and greenish yellow predominating and a circular line of purple, blue, and gold around the center. There is one area near the center that is more brilliant than the rest. The edges are a Fenton three-in-one pattern, nicely done. (Acquired 1967)

1358                          $175

Green Fenton Thistle

Who would ever know that the thistle (except the Scottish) could be this beautiful! This Green Carnival Glass bowl created by Fenton is truly lovely. It is 8.75” in diameter and 2.5” high, It rests on a flat collar base (marie). The edges are typically Fenton with gently undulating ruffles.

The pattern is crisp and sharp in its detail and it covers both the sides and the bottom of the piece. The iridescence is lovely, in some light the thistles turn gold with the background shades of purple, green, blue and deep red. (Acquired 1967)

1107   $125

Green Fenton – Peacock Tail

This 7.75” diameter by 2.5” high Peacock Tail bowl
Is one of two green pieces in this pattern and color.
It features ruffles edges and a flat collar base (marie).

It is superbly elegant in its design and the iridescence is wonderful. (Acquired in 1967)

1350              $70  


Green Fenton – Peacock Tail

This 7.25” diameter by 2.5” high Peacock Tail bowl
Is one of two green pieces in this pattern and color.
It features ruffles edges and a flat collar base (marie).

It is superbly elegant in its design and the iridescence is wonderful. (Acquired in 1967)

1349                  $65


Green Northwood Greek Key & Scales
Dome-shaped Bowl

This beautiful dome-shaped bowl made in green carnival glass has an exterior in the Greek Key and Scales pattern. The dome base is ribbed and has a strong green color.

The interior is smooth with an above average iridescence that is beautiful display over the ruffling of the edge. The bowl is 8.75” in diameter and the dome is 3” in diameter. The overall height is 4”.
(Acquired 1967)

1111       $175


Green Northwood - Beads Bowl

This Northwood is marked ( N ) and measures 8” in diameter and 2.75” in height. It has a collar base with a flower (?) in it.

The pattern is exterior, well-balanced, attractive and consists of three motifs: daisy-like flowers, petalism blooms, and beads. It is beautifully iridescent, with its ruffles gently undulating in the shades of the rainbow.


This collection of carnival glass (for the most part) came into Legacy Antiques (Marguerite Wilson) from a private collection (c. 1967), and is old, vintage carnival glass dating from 1906 to 1938. The manufacturers of the collection depicted here are shown in a chart below.

It is not often that I decide to add a personal note. In working with the Carnival Glass collection of Marguerite’s, I was amazed at the brilliance and color hues that each piece has. I hope you will acquire a piece and put it where it will get some sunlight. I know you will be delighted and pleased with your purchase. - C.